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Who says cafe is just a hangout and a waste of time? You can use the cafe as a suggestion to learn you know. Well how to do? you just come to the cafes that we will review!

1. Kineruku

This place is very popular among hobbyists to read, while visiting this place, you can also carry a laptop while doing the task.

The atmosphere is guaranteed coded deh, aka not rowdy because most who come here the purpose for ngerjain task. Moreover kineruku also provide food and drink that can be enjoyed while doing the task or at the time of pause. Its location on Jl Hegarmanah no 52.

2. Eduplex

Learning in Eduplex is like a nugas in a place that hits, because the place is always crowded. Eduplex provides the facilities of comfortable chairs and sofas that Wargi Bandung can live in for long periods while doing the task. The atmosphere in Eduplex is thick with the mood to learn, because not a few people who focus with the goal of each learning or doing tasks.

3. Little Wings

Cafe with homey atmosphere book concept on Jl Cigadung Raya Barat no 2 provides a collection of books that can be read and can be borrowed as well. Another option for you who is looking for a place to do the task.

The books on display can be borrowed with a listing on the Little Wings membership system. There are 3 categories, gold, silver, and bronze. Oh yes, because Little Wings is a café, you can also order food and drink.

4. Zoe Café

ZOE or Zona Edukasi, from the name already known this place tuh suitable for you who want to do the task outside. The concept brings the book café and is located in the middle of the city.

Although in the middle of the city, does not mean can not enjoy relaxing while doing the task. The atmosphere at ZOE Café is very conducive and could be an option because of its easy location on the access that is on Jl Pager Gunung no 3, Dipati Ukur.

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