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The first reason why you are obliged to come to Tafso Barn is because the new sights in Ciumbulueit Bandung offers a new unique cafe with thematic concept.

Photo From @mulkisalman
Cafe Tafso Barn in Ciumbuleuit Bandung is like a complete complement to other unique cafes in Bandung. The theme that brought the cafe in Ciumbuleuit Bandung this is Rustic, which is because the cafe is located in a hilly area, then some areas are made with different concepts with each other.

For example, if you come here, you will be able to see at the top of the Tafso Barn this is a cafe area with a sofa seat complete with his desk and covered roof.

Try to compare if you descend one step below it, then you will find an area with elongated table with unique seat made of barrel and area with chair and garden table rounded roof. Well friend, if then you go down one more level down, then the friend will find an area consisting of a seat made of wooden chairs without a roof.

Photo From ririnhattamin
If you go down again one level down, then you will see one of the cool and cool facilities that are in Tafso Barn, which is the area where Golf play in Bandung, although only in the form of Mini Golf.
Not only that, if you descend down below one step, then you will find are "White Birdcage" with a large size, in which there are tables and chairs that can accommodate no less than 5 people.

As with no creative idea, at two levels down again if you go down, then you will be able to see the area that there are unique balloons with a pillow and there is a table in the middle. If you visit here in the rainy season, you also need not worry, because Tafso Barn in Punclut Bandung has also provided an indoor area of ​​the cafenya (Indoor).

The room inside the cafe is no less exciting and fun, because you are offered the sensation of enjoying the tree house atmosphere, which is located right in the bottom corner of the area.


Jalan Baru Laksana No.75, Pagerwangi, Lembang, Pagerwangi, Lembang, West Bandung Regency, West Java 40391

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