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Bandung has been known as the best place to shop, especially clothing. Various clothes for all ages can you easily in the city of Bandung, the quality was certainly good. Factory Outlet remains a popular choice for visitors who want to shop. Then where are these factory outlets located? Here are three main roads that contain many factory outlets for you to shop:


Photo from ediewu83

Riau Street is famous everywhere. Especially the factory outlets are lined up on the road which has now been renamed LLRE Martadinata Street. This road extends from Jalan Ahmad Yani to Jalan Merdeka, at the junction of Jalan H Juanda (Dago).

Although the factory outlet is not only in Jalan Riau Bandung, but many travelers are still coming to this area. Heritage is a factory outlet that includes favorites. Heritage is the pioneer of FO in Bandung. This FO becomes the market leader in the fashion factory outlet business in this city.

Another factory outlet on Jalan Riau Bandung is the most visited is The Secret Factory Outlet. The Secret is a collection of jeans from various brands, one of them skinny jeans.

On Jalan Riau there are also many sought-after culinary places, such as Cafe Bali which is located near Ahmad Yani Street and near Taman Pramuka jugu, there are Iga Bakar Mas Giri culinary places. Next to there Pizza Hut.

List of Factory Outlet in Riau Street :

Jalan Martadinata (Riau) No 63.

The Secret Factory Outlet
Jl. Riau No. 47, Jl. RE. Martadinata

Stamp Factory Outlet
Jl. RE. Martadinata No. 38

Calamus Factory Outlet
JL. Riau No.81
(022) 4204340

Cascade Factory Outlet
Women's clothing store
JL. Laksmana RE. Martadinata, No. 65
(022) 4207431

The Summit Factory Outlet
Jl. Laks Laut RE Martadinata No.61
(022) 4221001


Photo from ari__andrian

Two-way street is always crowded throughout the day and also until late at night. The weekend of this road will be very crowded, especially the additional car of Jakarta. The roadside guard tree makes this path distinctive. And although narrow, the sidewalks along Dago are quite well organized, especially Dago downstairs. This former residential area has now shifted into a commercial area visible with many banks, shops, restaurants along the way. Many interesting things that can be enjoyed in Dago, either day or night. Especially when malem week, this road offers a different atmosphere.

Besides the Jl. Setiabudi and Jl. Riau, Jl Dago also has many FO. Located close to each other making it easier for you to satisfy the fashion appetite here. FO-FO is clustered between the fly-over to Dago intersection. You just need to walk from one FO to another FO. You should see all the FO-FO because the design of the shop is different from each other even some have their own uniqueness. It could be that you get your favorite clothes on this FO.

List Factory Outlet at Dago Street :

1. Grande Factory Outlet
JL. Ir. H.Juanda, No. 118

2. Central Branded Outlet
Jl Ir. H. Djuanda (Dago) Bandung, Indonesia

3. Blossom Factory Outlet
Jl. Ir. H. Djuanda No. 112

4. Factory Outlet Level
Jl Ir H Djuanda 138

5. Glamor Factory Outlet
JL. Ir H Juanda 108

6. Gossip Factory Outlet
Jl Ir H Juanda 111 Dago, Bandung 40135

7. Raffles Factory Outlet
Jl Ir H Juanda 106 Dago

8. Runway Factory Outlet
Jl. Dago No. 94 Dago

9. Jetset Factory Outlet
JL. Ir. H. Djuanda, No. 116

10. Happening Factory Outlet
JL. Ir. H. Djuanda (Dago) 14

11. Victoria Factory Outlet
Jl Ir. H. Djuanda Dago 111

12. UpTown Factory Outlet
Jl. Ir. H. Juanda 123 (Dago)

13. Rich And Famous Factory Outlet
Jl. Ir. H. Juanda (Dago), Bandung, West Java, Indonesia

14. Dago Skate And Surf Factory Outlet
Jl. Ir. H. Juanda no.20 (Dago)

15. Stop And Shop Factory Outlet
Jl. Ir. H. Juanda no.152 (Dago)

16. M & M Factory Outlet
Jl. Ir. H. Juanda 91 (Dago)

17. Episode Factory Outlet
JL. Ir. H. Juanda, No. 125


Photo From across2cultures

Setiabudhi Street is not less crowded with quality factory outlets, the most popular is Rumah Mode on Jalan Setiabudi. The place is large and the parking lot is also great. No less big is the selection of goods, from women's clothes, children, to men's clothes. For those who only accompany colleagues or maybe his brother to shop, do not worry, in Rumah Mode Bandung there are also restaurants that serve typical snacks Bandung, comfortable for relaxing.

Here's the FO list on Setiabudi Street:

1. Fashion House
Jl. DR. Setiabudhi 41 F

2. Lavayette
Jl. DR. Setiabudhi 61 A

3. Zenith
Jl. DR. Setiabudhi 159

4. Factory Outlet Store
Jl. DR. Setiabudhi 73

5. Natural FO
Jl. DR. Setiabudhi 43

6. Best Choice
Jl. DR. Setiabudhi 158

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