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Museum Sri Baduga Bandung, is a proof of love of West Java residents descendants of the Sunda tribe, especially that perpetuate a suhunan long style buildings and typical stage of West Java with all heritage objects as priceless treasures in it.
Photo from museumsribaduga
After several renovations, this historical tourist spot was established under the name of West Java Provincial Museum, which is one of the first stages of construction completed and inaugurated on 5 June 1980 by the minister of education and culture of the republic Indonesia Dr.Daud Yusuf.

From this first renovation, the original museum building design is maintained while the others have been designed with contemporary or modern architecture.


As one of the museums for public, Sri Baduga museum can be said to have many collections of historical objects such as various types of collections of Geology, Biology, Ethnography, Archeology, Historics, Numismatics / Heraldika, Philologica, Ceramics, Art and Technology. overall Sri Baduga Museum has no less than 5,367 pieces of historic heritage collection that is very priceless.

The most of the museum collection is not far its location with the square of Bandung is a collection of ethnographic clumps associated with regional cultural objects. The number of collections is not limited to the form of realia (original), but comes with a collection of replicas, miniatures, photos, and maket. Collectibles are exhibited in fixed exhibitions, also documented with computerized systems and stored in storage warehouses.


Tuesday to Sunday 08.00 - 16.00 wib, monday closed.


You will be charged with the price of entrance attractions in bandung very cheap, namely Rp.2500 / person.


Jl. BKR No.185 (South Ring) city of Bandung, West Java Indonesia
For more information you can contact the phone no phone at: (022) 5210976


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