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Pasar Cisangkuy (Cisangkuy Market) from the name you may think that this place is a traditional market in general, but the reality is not as you imagine.

A place called Cisangkuy Market or Café Cisangkuy has been around since around 2014 then. As the name implies, its design café also takes the past to be more precise like an old warehouse.


Facilities at Cisangkuy Market To support your convenience this market also provides various facilities which, according to the author is quite interesting and complete.


For those of you who like to enjoy your food or drink while accompanied by cool air Typical of Bandung, you can choose outdoor dining.


You can also sit inside, maybe more appropriate if you visit during the day. Although the outdoor area provided umbrellas - sun umbrellas but the hot sun sometimes still felt. Indoor area in Cisangkuy Market there are also 2 options, you can choose to sit on the sofa or want lesehan like other Sundanese Restaurant.

If you just want to relax while enjoying a drink you can choose to sit in the bar stool provided, of course with the design of the past. Seen from the use of seats made from former wooden shelters.

Play Ground

This is for you who participate bring baby. Does your child feel bored or bored? You can take it to a playground located within the market as well.

Live Music

Cisangkuy Market also provides live music to entertain you, but the live music writer can only be enjoyed on Fridays and Saturdays only. Therefore if you want to enjoy live music come on Friday and Saturday.

Photo Booth

Happy to take pictures? Still less spot photographs or still less satisfied with those provided around you? Try to take pictures in this area, because the background design is interesting like the past.


The menu at Pasar Cisangkuy is diverse, as it has been reviewed by the writer above here there are approximately 40 tenants. This culinary place claims there are 10 favorite menu that you must try among others; Es Pa Oyen, Kalasan Duck, Smoke Beef from Waroeng Italy 77, Chicken Bone from Djuwita, Iga Bakar from Iga Bakar Apih, Doto Meat from Soto Sulung Mas Madu, Sate Kambing from Satay Maranggi, Ice Chocolate, Chocolate Cheese Banana and Super Bratwurst from Sosis Bakar Taste.


This place offers a variety of food and beverage menu at an affordable price, where to enjoy your food menu enough to provide money from Rp.15.000 only, while for drinks, prepare start Rp.10.000.


Cisangkuy Street No 64, Bandung City, West Java Indonesia