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In Bandung you use Indonesia Currency. The Indonesia currency is the Rupiah (Rp.). Bills usually come in 1,000 Rupiah, 2,000 Rupiah,(Rare) 5,000 Rupiah, 10,000 Rupiah, 20,000 Rupiah, 50,000 Rupiah and 100,000 Rupiah. Coins come in 100 Rupiah, 200 Rupiah, 500 Rupiah and 1000 Rupiah denominations. Counterfeit money is now very rare and not an issue in Bandung.

Payment methods in Bandung, Indonesia

Indonesia has a reputation of being a cash-based society, but trends have gradually been changing, and there has been a significant increase in the acceptance of other payment methods. Below are the modes of payment that you might use when visiting Japan:

Cash is still the preferred payment method, especially when it involves small amounts. Big bills are readily used and accepted in Bandung, Indonesia. The likelihood that credit cards are accepted decreases in small cities and towns, and thus it is advisable to keep cash at hand when visiting rural areas.

Cash is usually the only way to pay for small entrance fees at tourist sights, at smaller restaurants and small shops.

Credit/Debit Cards
There is an increased acceptance of credit and debit cards, especially in big cities. Most hotels accept payment by credit cards nowadays, as do most department stores, mid to high end restaurants, outlet malls and large retail shops. In addition, many train stations, convenience stores, supermarkets, chain restaurants and boutiques also accept them.

IC Cards (more information)
IC cards, such Suica and Icoca, are a stored value cards which can be recharged. Primarily a tool for convenient payment of train and bus fares, IC cards now double as a means of payment at an increasing number of shops and restaurants, especially in and around train stations, at most convenience stores, many chain restaurants, numerous vending machines and some lockers in big cities.

New Money Indonesia 2017
On 2017 Indonesia Release new money of Rupiah, but still there are many old money and that still used.

How to get your Rupiah

Having seen the main payment methods in Japan, you should have a basic idea of how you should prepare money for your trip. Cash is handy because it is accepted under all situations, but credit cards can be a convenient alternative at appropriate locations. Theft and robberies are very rare in Japan, so with regards to keeping large amounts of cash with you, security is less of a concern than your propensity to lose money by accident. Here are ways to get your Rupiah:

Currency Exchange

In Bandung, currency exchange is usually handled by banks, post offices, some larger hotels and a handful of licensed money changers.

Whether or not it is better to change for Rupiah before coming into Bandung depends on the currency that you hold. For example, the US dollar and Australia Dollar is a highly traded foreign currency in Indonesia, and partly for this reason you might get a favorable rate if you change US dollars into Rupiah in Bandung.