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This tourist place has an area of ​​more than 7 hectares with a lake named Situ Umar which became its center. Floating Market Lembang offers the uniqueness of a floating market tour.

What is a floating market? Floating Tide is a market that is above the water, usually using a boat, like in Bangkok, Borneo. However, Floating Market Lembang is not like a floating market in general, because this place has a concept of tourism, not a trading center.

Floating market here does not sell vegetables, fruits, or raw meat, but sells a variety of foods and good snacks, such as baso tahu, colenak, siomay, tahu lembang, surabi, roasted sausage, tempe mendoan, batagor, lotek, roasted corn, Karedok, brains, ketan bakar, durian burn, mushrooms, dim sum, and others with prices ranging from 5,000 Rupiah for snacks up to 35.000 Rupiah for heavier food.

In addition, the boats that peddle these different types of food are also set up and parked neatly, unlike in the traditional floating market that is a mess, so visitors will be coming to these boats. In total there are about 46 boats with different merchandise.

In addition to the floating market, Floating Market Lembang also has gazebo facilities around the lake that you can rent at a cost of 65,000 Rupiah per hour.


1. Photo Area

Basically very many areas take pictures in the floating market floating market, like the edge of the lake, the floating market, diarena play children and others, but there is one area that I recommend for tourists take pictures ria that is in the Rock area where diarea stone is compiled As nice and beautiful as possible so as to be similar to a beautiful stone garden.

2. Children's Play Area

In the floating market bandung bandung there is a play area for children, so the children will be happy and entertained when traveling to the floating market. Are the miniature railway park, magnet fishing rod, mini railway, leuit village, fauna place and others.

3. Good Track To surround the Floating Market

Tourists can circumnavigate the floating market with a comfortable and carefree heart to see around the floating market by walking down the tracks available, the track is quite good, tourists can track along while chatting with family, friends and relatives without fear tripping or falling, obstacles contained in Track is just a crowded visitors who both walk.


Weekdays: 10 am to 5 pm
Weekend: 9 am to 10 pm


Monday Friday : Rp. 15,000
Saturday Sunday : Rp. 15,000
Car parking : Rp. 30,000
Motorcycle parking : Rp. 5000


Access to floating market bandung bandung easy enough, you who come from bandung can go through Setiabudhi Street, you must pass the market and rotate to follow the road that leads to bandung back, after that the tourists will enter Grand Hotel Lembang Street, the location of the floating market right next door left. Floating market is located at Grand Hotel Lembang Street No. 33 E Lembang.